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Why - Adventure Club Inc?

We are specializing in adventure travel holidays in the Himalayan region of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and New Zealand. Since the establishment of company, we have been continually growing as a leading adventure agency.


There are lots of travel companies operating in the market. It is not easy for the customers to choose the company that best serves them. We believe there are several reasons why the customers have preferred us over other companies all these years. Not only do we try to show our guests new places, but we try to make sure they get extended knowledge of different cultures. From what we have learnt all these years of our service, we have realized that understanding and accepting different cultures only allow us to leave in peace and harmony. We have listed a few of those reasons which accentuate our strength as a travel and trekking company.


Client First

We’re well aware that there is only one reason why we are still growing in our business after all this time: it’s you, our valued clients. Your satisfaction and well-being are our topmost priority. We always encourage feedbacks on our services from our valuable clients. When you book with us we take care of everything – from carefully designing itineraries for proper acclimatization to upholding the most scrupulous sanitary standards in food preparation. We offer up-to-date pre-trip information, use only the best lodges, customize itineraries to suit your interests and cater to any dietary requirements. A member of our team will welcome you at the Tribhuvan International Airport on your arrival in Kathmandu, and after your completion of the trip, will also see you off at the Airport. In short, from your arrival at Kathmandu Airport to your departure, we take care of all your needs.


Trustworthy Experience and Expertise

We have been providing our quality service for years now. In the process, we have gained valuable knowledge and experiences which have only enabled and inspired to do better than ever. As a consequence, we have built a large group of loyal clients and fan base, so to speak. We try and deliver services that meet customers’ expectations, needs and budget. We have hired those people who are passionate about their job and are knowledgeable about the tourism industry, our guests and the etiquette. We have maintained professionalism and served the clients from all across the globe.


Value That You Can Afford

We know the value of your blood and sweat that you have put into your work. We value your hard-earned money too. Therefore, we try to keep your expenses as minimum as possible but give you as much service as possible. We offer incredibly affordable price for special tour packages which no other trekking companies are capable of doing. We take utmost care of your needs when you are travelling outdoors. Over the years, we have been keeping it simple as we include only those things which are extremely necessary. We keep out those things which are not all that important and which will only increase your expenses. While maintaining the low prices we never compromise with the quality of our services.


Service Based On Customers’ Needs and Choices

Since our service is based on customers’ needs, we are always available when they want us. Our hours are from 9am- 6pm, 7 days a week. We are quick, informative and deliver our services in a friendly manner. We have designed our tour and travel packages so much so that you do not miss out on any opportunity to enjoy the place you are visiting. We try to check yours interest thoroughly. Depending on what you want from us we put forward our packages for you. You get to try exotic food, witness unique culture and meet local people. Our team monitors everything on and off the field and makes sure you put your right foot forward when you are in a new environment and new circumstance.


Travelling Responsibility

They say “With greater power comes greater responsibility”. We are well aware of the fact that when we are treading the foreign soil we need to respect their cultural values and social norms. The last thing we want to do is offend the locals with our irresponsible activities. Also, we should try and keep the ecological and environmental factors in mind. To be respectful to the beliefs and customs of the local, to try to help the community in any ways, forms and shape.


Staff Care

We recognize them as the pillars of the company. Even in our beginning days, we were the only company to take a stand against the exploitation of porters and guides that was rife in the industry. That most of our staffs from the beginning have stayed with us all this time proves our commitment for fair business policies. Our leaders, guides, cooks and porters work as a well-balanced team. We respect them, provide them insurance and equipment, guarantee them work, and pay them well.


Social Commitments

We love our country deeply, but at the same time we’re not blind to its problems. And so we’re committed to helping Nepal along the road to peace and prosperity in our own way. Part of this is our support for Children’s especially in the rural parts of Nepal for the better education.