We accept your bookings under the following terms and conditions.


While booking your trip with us, we need a copy of your passport and 20% of the total amount required to deposit for each trip. The balance payment can be paid in full upon arrival and before departing the trip. Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the clients. In addition, payments can be made by credit card as well. For credit card payments, bank surcharge will be levied to you for a credit card processing fee, depends on bank which is normally 3.5%

Last-minute Booking:

We accept your last-minute booking, five days prior to tour starting date only in cases of Nepal trips, but last-minute booking will not be acceptable for Bhutan, Tibet India and New Zealand.

Risk and Liabilities:

We are committed to providing the best services which will give you a once in a lifetime journey. We always put all its efforts honestly and seriously in making your journey smooth and pleasant. All the services will be provided as per the agreement between you and us in the time of booking. However, all Nepal, Tibet Bhutan, India and New Zealand tour are run strictly under their own policies and tourism authority. We or our agent shall not be responsibility for any change or cancellation of programmers due to unavoidable circumstance such as government restriction, landslide, road blockage, flood, avalanches, political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness or accident, breakdown of vehicle, any extra cost incurring thereof shall be borne by the clients on the spots. So, it is most advisable that clients to have full insurance against medical and personal accident risk. Trip insurance is also most recommended.

Trip cancellation by Clients:

Cancellation of a confirmed booking must be made by the client in writing either in written documents or on an email. Cancellation shall valid with approval from the company after receiving document. Trip shall then be termed as cancelled and as a cancellation charge, 20% of the trip amount would be deducted from the advance paid.

Incomplete the Trip:

No refund will be made to any tour member in case of incomplete tour, trek or expedition due to whatsoever reasons.

Postpone the Trip:

If our clients want to postpone the trip, written notification is to be sent before 15 days from trip departure date.

Unforeseen Circumstances:

If we cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances like war, natural disasters, conflict, unfavorable climate etc., we would be happy to refer alternative trip of a similar standard. Even if this does not fit your personal interest, all monies paid by you to our company will be refunded. But remember, any other expenses incurred by you as a result of this booking are entirely your responsibility.

Price Changing:

We reserve the right to revise pricing rate if posted in our marketing material and website, under any circumstances, or on the pressure of various external factors that are further than our control, for instance, changes in exchange rate, government action etc. Most of the time Domestic flight fare is changing due to fuel price high up. We always try our best to make a present price in our trips.

Passport and Visas:

All clients must have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from return date. Nepalese visas can be obtained from the Nepalese Consulate in your country or upon arrival in Kathmandu Airport depends on nationality. You need to take visa for India, Tibet, Bhutan or New Zealand prior to your departure.

Travel Insurance:

Our clients must have comprehensive travel insurance package. Their insurance must cover against medical, personal accident, emergency evacuation, and trip cancellation, lost of gears and natural calamity, theft of or damage to baggage and personal effects etc.

Flight delay and Cancelation:

Flight by plane and helicopter are prone to cancellations and delays for notorious weather in remote areas and sometime operational complications which could be happened. When these flights are included in our itinerary, it is also recommended to carry extra money to buy food and accommodations in case of delays. We will not be responsible for these additional expenses or costs incurred from lost connections, so plan accordingly.

Your Personal Belongings:

On any account, we are not answerable for any loss or damage of your luggage or property belonging to you even when shouldered by porters, ponies or vehicles. That means your personal possessions, luggage is at your risk at the times.

During the Trip:

A tour and trekking guide who represents Adventure Club Inc deserves all authority during your tours. If you commit any unlawful act, you are compelled to leave the tour. No refund will be made in such case.